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Get the knowledge and insight you want in a fun and engaging way. 

We've developed apps to make your thinking and study tasks easy with 3D, AR, and what comes next.

Your great ideas come to life
with real 3D mind maps

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Mind Mapping 3D

Your brain is wired to learn and thrive in a 3D world. Mind Mapping 3D is a fun way to use your brain’s knack for relationships and space to learn and think creatively. 

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Mind Map AR

Create ideas and explore concepts in an entertaining new way. You can walk through your thoughts. Mind Map AR places 3D mind maps where you are using augmented reality.

Mind Mapping 3D is on iOS

Make organized thinking easy & fun!

Playfully build ideas and expand your thinking in a way that doesn't feel like work. You can boost your productivity by making the effort of organizing your thoughts entertaining.


Download Mind Mapping 3D now! 

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Designed to engage your mind playfully

Mind-friendly 3D structures

Visual thinking comes naturally. You'll be amazed by a 3D perspective on your ideas that helps you zoom between the details and the bigger picture.

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Augmented reality

Your ideas can fill a room. With Mind Map AR you can walk through and around your AR mind maps to see your thinking from every possible angle for creative new insights.


Drag-n-drop outlines and export

The fun of 3D mind mapping is just the beginning.  Have something to show for it by exporting your content as a comprehensive outline. Build a fantastic foundation of material to support your work, study, and creativity.

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Multiple structures

Your mind can associate just about any combination of things. Mind Mapping 3D and Mind Map AR can too. You can find great insights when exploring multiple concepts.

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Web attachments and links

Include helpful hyperlinks, video links, and links to cloud storage attachments. All your references and resources are one tap away.


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Image nodes for topics

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what about a mind map full of them?  Visuals are a powerful memory enhancer and improve comprehension. Add images to capture ideas and enhance learning.      

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Working in Cafe


January 18, 2021

"Love this tool
I have played with mind mapping tools on and off over the past 6 years and have been left flat by most of the apps and programs out there. The 2D apps just don’t do it for me as my mind needs fewer not more constraints. The 3D aspects of this app put my mind in a happy place and the creative juices flow."