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Unleash the power of your brain’s hippocampus by mind mapping in 3D with augmented reality.

Your brain is organized by relationships and thinks in 3D. That's why it's easy to remember places and structures. Now you can use your brain’s knack for relationships and space to boost your creativity and intelligence.

Create ideas and dive into concepts that mirror how your brain processes information. Mind Map AR by ScapeHop offers you a new world of thought generation and exploration.

Multiple Structure Support

Tap into your potential like never before. In less than a minute you can get on the Mind Map AR launch list and get immediate access to the beta version (we promise)!

Mind-blowing 3D Structure


Directional Relationships

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Augmented Reality

With Mind Map AR by Scapehop, your full potential breaks out! By having the right tools, you're able to harness your best ideas. With Mind Map AR this happens no matter where you are. You'll brainstorm, diagram, outline, mind map, communicate concepts, represent ecosystems, capture relationships, identify dependencies and much more! 

Enjoy your unhindered brilliance in the 3D space. Join our launch list with just a two clicks and get beta access now.

How it works

Easily communicate complex concepts. Mind Map AR is true augmented reality mind mapping software. Users can share information in an intuitive and fun way. Effortlessly explore inspired ideas with family, friends, and coworkers.

Get Everyone Thinking

Upgrade Your Mind

Your mind is meant for learning, exploration, and creativity. Mind Map AR helps you to tap into deeper psychological states of awareness that release you from the confines of two-dimensional thinking.

Got Questions? We’re Here to Help

Why Augmented Reality (AR) Mind Mapping?

One of the benefits of mind mapping is breaking out of a liner structure of thinking. AR takes mind mapping to the next level. The addition of the third plane in AR allows you to cross associate and see the big picture like never before.

Aren't Mind Maps About One Core Concept, Why Have Multiple Starting Points?

Your mind can find a way to associate just about any combination of things. Mind maps can't. But Mind Map AR gets closer by supporting many roots and even rootless structures. Many starting points allow you to get even closer to the way your mind works.

How Often Are There Updates to the App — and How Will I Learn About Them?

We've got big plans! There will be many updates as we progress and make the best AR mind mapping experience even better. You can expect to see automatic updates from the Google Play store. No need to go out of your way to get them.

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